I am or have been associated with the following organizations.

Teaching - Current
1 Chiba University of Commerce
2 Sophia University
3 Sophia Extension/Community Education
4 Hosei University
5 Gakushuin University
6 Shirayuri University
1 Nanundo
2 Tokyo Shoseki
Teaching - Past
1 ELS, Japan
2 Prolingua Executive Language Services
Professional Organizations
1 Japanese Association of Language Teachers (JALT)
2 JALT College and University Educators (CUE)
3 JALT Junior/Senior High National Significant Organization
Educational Background
1 Temple University, Japan
2 The University of Victoria, Victoria, British Columbia, Canada
3 Vancouver Community College, Vancouver, British Columbia, Canada
4 The University of Winnipeg, Winnipeg, Manitoba, Canada
1 Volunteer Education Network (VEN)
2 CANHELP Thailand
1 Banner (Japan) Financial Services

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