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  • On this page I will try to explain what I do, why and what potential employers can expect. Clients (employers) may regard this as a cover letter.

    I am a self-employed English foreign language (EFL) professional. Currently, I work at five universities in the Tokyo area teaching EFL. As a secondary interest, I teach adult English through the extension department of one of the universities. I have taught business English and still have ties with companies offering that service. I have an interest in textbook creation and I currently have two textbooks published in partnership with Koji Mizushima, as well as several on which I have cooperated with other authors.

    I choose to see my work-related activities more as a business than a career, thus ?eMission Statement?f, not ?eCareer Goals?f. My ?ebusiness?f is guided by two principles, professionalism and ?eliving in the new reality?f, each of which I will explain briefly.


    In my view, an EFL professional must:

  • 1. Consider that the needs of students are of the first importance.
  • 2. Establish clear educational goals with detailed objectives and classroom practices that lead up to those goals.
  • 3. Evaluate how well goals and objectives are being met.
  • 4. Do ongoing research and publication activity leading to quality education for students.
  • 5. Do ongoing professional development, self-funded if necessary. This includes active involvement in relevant professional organizations, for the purpose of learning from and teaching colleagues.
  • 6. Be available year round to present and prospective clients as well as be freely available to students.
  • 7. Adopt new teaching ideas and new teaching technologies when appropriate.
  • 8. Volunteer time to worthy educational causes.
  • 9. Maintain an international perspective which includes a well-thought out acceptance of one's adopted culture.
  • 10. Demonstrate the ability to learn a second language.
  • 11. Commit to lifelong learning in a variety of areas outside of English education.

    Living in the New Reality

    The new reality in Japan, on a broad scale, is being shaped by global economic forces. Lifelong employment with the same company is becoming a thing of the past as well as traditional concepts like ?ecompany loyalty?f, ?eresponsibility to employees?f, ?eretirement?f and ?epension?f. The majority of workers will be employed on a contractual cash-only basis with the competition for top jobs being very keen. Knowledge will be a key component for adding value both to a product, from the company perspective, or to a job, from the employee perspective. At the level of Japanese education, declining student enrolment will be an exacerbating factor, especially in competition for better positions in the institutional teaching professions. As well, many of the lesser functions of English education may be performed technologically, so teachers, educational institutions, educational materials developers and the like will have to add value wherever possible to survive. On the other hand, globalization is having the effect of making English the dominant global language. There may be new opportunities in the adult education and business education sectors of the industry.

    The foregoing conditions have meant for me:

  • 1. Protecting income through maintenance of multiple income streams.
  • 2. Using my time wisely to run an efficient and well-organized "business".
  • 3. No expectation of 'retirement'.
  • 4. A self-managed investment plan for the time when I can no longer work.
  • 5. Private medical insurance.
  • 6. Expectation of a fair level of remuneration to compensate for the above (4 and 5) expenses.
  • 7. Continuous search for new employment.
  • 8. Adoption of an investment lifestyle:

    What can I do for you?

    I believe that those who read the three documents here, my Short Resume, my Full Resume and my ?eMission Statement', will see why they can expect businesslike but caring instruction and high quality educational material from me. Thank you for taking the time to read this!

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