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Basic Principles for Study in all Courses with Mr. Pattimore

About English

1. The best way to learn English is in English.
2. People use English to communicate ideas and feelings.
3. The purpose of speaking or writing English is to make relationships with other people.
4. Learning a language for communication requires an active approach. Successful language learners take every chance to use the language.
5. Mistakes are necessary for learning a language.

About My Courses

1. Communicative ability in English or another foreign language is essential for university graduates.
2. The standard of this class is successful communication in English in a foreign country.
3. Interactions between students in this course are the best way to learn English.
4. This course is student centered. You are responsible for your learning.
5. Learning a language requires speaking and writing. You must be active in this course! If you do nothing, you get nothing (from me).
6. Management of this course is mainly democratic.
7. Nothing is more important than being in our classroom during the scheduled class period.
8. University is preparation for your future life. Organization for all purposes of your future life will be important. Be organized!
9. I assume most students will enter a business or government job after graduation. Therefore, the class will be run in a business-like way. Students will act in a business-like way. This includes:
a. Regular attendance
b. Being on time for class
c. Communication about absences

Personal Relations

1. Students in this course are adults.
2. Students in this course are individuals.
3. Students in this course respect each other and the teacher.

Roger Pattimore April 2009

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